userpicPhilosophy Talk

I'll be on Philosophy Talk radio today, 1.00 p.m. EST, talking about my book Can Animals Be Moral? Details here.

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userpicRunning with the Pack

A short (optimum online attention span is apparently 105 seconds) video made by Open Road Media - the US publishers of the ebook of Running with the Pack (and The Philosopher and the Wolf too). 

Running with the Pack is published in the US in November. Pegasus Books (the publishers of The Philosopher and the Wolf) are publishing the printed version and Open Road Media the ebook. 

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This is a video of an appearance I made at the How The Light Gets In Festival, in Hay-on-Wye, Wales, in May of this year. I was talking about my book, Can Animals be Moral? Hugo, the family dog, kindly agreed to accompany me. The video was made by the Institute of Arts and Ideas.

userpicCulture File

Here is a four part interview series I did for Lyric FM radio (Ireland) as part of their Culture File show. I'm talking about Running with the Pack and various sundry matters.

userpicCan Animals Be Moral?

Nice review of Can Animals Be Moral? can be found here.

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userpicAnimal Rights

Completely forgot. I've a new book out, in fact it's been out for the past six weeks or so. I lost track in all the recent traveling. Entitled, Animal Rights: All That Matters. It's part of Hodder's All That Matters series. Details here

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userpicThe Body Sphere

Here is an interview with Amanda Smith (recorded a while back when I was in London). It aired on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's radio show, The Body Sphere, on Sunday.

Also interviewed is the estimable Damon Young - philosopher, martial artist and, I gather, keen gardener. I highly recommend his book, Distraction, BTW.

Edit: Or if you prefer the printed word, try here.

How odd! It has just been brought to my attention that someone has apparently bought my old website address, and is using it to advertise weight loss products. Obviously, this has nothing to do with me. 

userpicBristol Festival of Ideas

Here - talking about Running with the Pack with Julian Baggini at the Bristol Festival of Ideas, May 12th 2013.

userpicThe Right to Believe

'A right to believe?' published here in Aeon Magazine.


13.58Online Culture Editor Martin Chilton has been speaking to philosopher Mark Rowland, who has food for thought, and taken this lovely snap of Rowland and his son Brenin.

 Mark Rowland, the Professor of Philosophy at the University of Miami and author of the bestselling The Philosopher and the Wolf, said: "Memory is very inconvenient, forcing itself on you. And memory is horrendously unreliable, even with events that happened relatively recenty." He quoted Friedrich Nietzsche, who said: "Memory says, 'I did that.' Pride replies, 'I could not have done that.' Eventually, memory yields.”

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userpicHow The Light Gets In

Me talking and Hugo chillaxing at our Can Animals Be Moral? gig - at How The Lights Gets In, the festival of philosophy and music, Hay-on-Wye, May 26th.


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