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I had a great time in Sydney last week, and met lots of interesting people. One of those was Mike Williams - an Aussie who spent two and a half years travelling in Europe with his Giant Malamute, Bondi. Remarkably, Bondi and Brenin walked on many of the same beaches, a decade or so apart. Bondi was a beautful animal (as is Munson, Mike's young malamute) and I can't wait to read Mike's book that he is currently writing about their life and travels together. In the meantime, I wholeheartedly recommend his blog:

Sadly, Bondii passed away a few weeks agp. I really do know how Mike feels. Bondi occupied centre stage in Mike's life in much the same way that Brenin did in mine.

People sometimes ask me about how Brenin differed from a malamute. You can see the similarities, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if there was some Malamute in Brenin (Remember, he was sold to me unofficially as a wolf, but officially as a high content wolf dog - and since I spent much of The Philosopher and the Wolf chastising us apes for being manipulators and deceivers, I can hardly take someone's word at face value). But there are also six basic differences between Brenin and the malamutes I have met.

1. Tail - Mals tails hang over their back. Brenin's was straight and hung down. 2. Feet - Brenin's were much bigger in proportion to body. 3. Length/height ratio - greater in Brenin. 4. Chest - much narrower in Brenin, 5. Legs - Brenin's were longer and thinner than those powerful Mal legs, 6. Head - Brenin's was much bigger in proportion to his body.

Brenin's coat was also significantly less 'fluffy'.

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