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I suppose I should be heartened by the fact that this blog has been going for over a year, and I've never felt necessary to provide any guidelines concerning behavior required of anyone who wishes to participate. However, given the debate running on the post entitled ‘Eating Animals', perhaps that time has come.

First, there will be no personal attacks. Second, there will be no stunningly unintelligent comments.

Speculating on the behavior of a blog member in a concentration camp scenario based on extrapolation of current eating habits satisfies both criteria, and I leave the comment in situ solely as an example of what not to do.

Vigorous, impassioned, and serious argument is, always has been, and will continue to be welcome at all times.

I know I am being despotic about this. But I am armed with God-like access to this blog's delete function, and I'm not afraid to use it. Life can be unpleasant enough. The last thing I want is to find this unpleasantness seeping into this site.

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