UserpicHello from, and to, France

Greetings from France, where I, along with the rest of my family (including Hugo), have been ensconced since mid-May. I apologize for my long silences on this site.

I’m here for several reasons; First, I love it here. I love looking out across the sea, and seeing the long sweep of mountains running down to the Spanish border. On clear days, I can see the mountain known Le Canigou, to the south of Perpignan. When you come from Wales and live in Miami, you miss mountains, believe me. You don’t necessarily miss much else. But you do miss mountains.

Secondly, I’m working; not only writing the next book, but also on publicity for the previous one. The French translation of The Philosopher and the Wolf - Le Philosophe et Le Loup: Liberté, Fraternité, Leçons du Monde Sauvage was published in France in May by Editions Belfond. I spent a few days in Paris and Lyon and did numerous interviews with newspapers; magazines, and TV. I was blown away by the positive response the book has received here, and also by the professionalism of the journalists who had not only read the book very carefully but also had a myriad of very specific, detailed and intelligent questions that my limited possession of the French language was probably not up to answering very well.

I also popped over to Portugal for couple of days to talk about the Portuguese translation, and, among other things, had the great pleasure of being taken to centre dedicated to the rescue and preservation of the Iberian wolf - but more on that later.

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