UserpicLennox, RIP

The first I heard of Lennox was, I believe, a few hours after he had been murdered, when an Italian reader of this blog alerted me to his situation.

Lennox was a dog, seized from his home two years ago, even though he had lived a blameless life. He was seized on the grounds that he was a ’Pit Bull type’ dog – a judgment made by dog wardens on the basis of measuring parts of him with a dressmakers tape!

Those, in Belfast City Council, involved in this process – from Lennox’s incarceration to his execution – have made decisions that, at best, can only be describe as stupid and vicious. They should all hang their heads in shame, but of course they won’t – people who make decisions like this rarely do.  And this desperately sad and completely avoidable episode highlights, once again, the monstrous nature of Breed Specific Laws. 

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