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I've just returned from a few very enjoyable days in Hatfield, just north of London. I was at the British Wittgenstein Society's annual conference: 'Wittgenstein, Animal Minds, and Enactivism', where I gave a paper entitled. 'Enactivism, Intentionality and Content'. Also, speaking, left to right in the photo below: Peter Carruthers, Dan Hutto, Michael Tomasello, myself, Hans-Johann Glock, Dorit Bar-On, Daniele Moyal-Sharrock, Jose Medina, Colin Allen, and Ned Block. It was good to see my old friend Dan Hutto again, and I am grateful to him and Daniele Moyal-Sharrock for organizing the event.


Incidentally, if any readers of this blog are interested in my more academic writings (papers, conference papers, etc), they can be found at the very useful site:

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