UserpicGod Exists- Fact!

Douglas Adams had the Babel Fish. It’s the Tardigrade that did it for me.


Not knowing any better, you would almost certainly guess Doctor Who, sometime in the mid-seventies, probably the Jon Pertwee tenure, with an outside chance of Tom Baker. It’s coming to the end of the series and the costume department has run out of money, so they drape a sheet over something, stick a gas mask on it, and make it into the principal alien villain for the next episode or two. 

Put yourself in the mind of God. You’ve created the heavens and earth, and all the creatures that runneth, walketh, flyeth, swimmeth and slittereth therein/on. And now you've found out you have to do the bloody microorganisms too! Look, it’s Saturday night, you’re shagged out, and your mind is already on tomorrow’s well-earned rest. Clearly, you’re entitled to a half-arsed job. After all no one will ever notice, will they?

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Tartigrade: the most compelling evidence of intelligent, if rather lazy, design there is.

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