UserpicUK Tour, Part Deux

Better late than never, I suppose ...

Saturday 11th May, Philosophy on the Run, Wimbledon Common/Richmond Park, London – 10.00-17.00.


Sunday 12th May, ‘Running with the Pack’ (in conversation with Julian Baggini), Bristol Festival of Ideas, Bristol, 14.30

Sunday 12th May, ‘Animals and Humans’, panel session with Miriam Darlington and Caspar Henderson, 17.30

Saturday 25th May, ‘Thinking the Unthinkable’, panel session with Hannah Dawson and Simon Saunders, How the Light Gets In, Hay-on-Wye, 12.00 p.m.

Sunday 26th May, ‘Catching Sight of Ourselves’, panel session with Peter Hacker and Colin Blakemore, How The Lights Gets In, Hay-on-Wye, 13.15

Sunday 26th May, ‘Can Animal Be Moral? How The Lights Gets In, Hay-on-Wye, 18.00

Wednesday 29th May, ‘Running with the Pack’, Hay Festival of Literature and the Arts, Hay-on-Wye, 11.30

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No Userpicstafford
have read 'The philosopher and the Wolf'.
my feeling is that you have fallen into the same trap that you accuse most humans (apes) of being less honourable than dogs. I have the same instincts and same partiality. I prefer dogs than apes. However, concepts such as 'malice aforethought' do not exist only in apes. Think about dog packs running down the weak or the immature as part of their normal 'modus vivendi'. Think about a crocodile , stock still for 7 hours, by the edge of a river......knowing for certain that at some stage an exhausted and thirsty dik-dik or impala or baby elephant will come to the waters edge and sip. That is 'malice' and 'aforethought'. Or look at an Orca returning to a shingle beach in Patagonia , year after year , to prey on seals. That is also 'malice' and 'aforethought'. A fox returning to a chicken coop day after day, until one evening the lock hasn't been properly activated. The fox is in ; kills many more chickens than necessary. Farmer wants to blast said fox into oblivion. The apologists say that the fox WOULD cache the extra dead chickens for their winter reserves. But it doesn't come back to cache. I think all mammals are guilty. Yes, humans are more culpable than most, but it isn't a uniquely human trait.

Brenin is a much bigger wolf/dog than I have ever seen. Either in my three years in Montreal, or in the three years I sponsored a wolf at Johnathan Palmers wolf sanctuary ( many years ago) in the Thames Valley. I have enjoyed the essence of hunter dog ( as opposed to pet dog) with a 'podenco ibizenco' . Same leaping into the air in order to more accurately attack a rabbit or whatever. Same innate understanding that some in the pack will drive the 'meal' in one direction, and all the pack must fan out in a different direction to close the avenue of escape. That is 'forethought'. Best dog I have ever had. ''Dog'' is the operative word. Not a pet. A dog.

And I am sure that other intelligent animals - such as Octopus - can also plan, scheme and thereby anticipate, their cause and its effect.
This is in no way meant to justify, excuse or condone human behaviour and homo sapiens arrogance.