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Completely forgot. I've a new book out, in fact it's been out for the past six weeks or so. I lost track in all the recent traveling. Entitled, Animal Rights: All That Matters. It's part of Hodder's All That Matters series. Details here

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UserpicMark Rowlands
Thanks a million, Pauline. Hope you are well and enjoying the summer. Mark

Just downloaded your book, Mark. Still to finish your other one on animal rights (moral theory and practice), but recently read Animals Like Us a short while ago (predictably, very well presented – and more or less irrefutable - arguments). Always reading too many books at the same time and having so little spare time is my problem!

Also reading Jacques Derrida’s The Animal That Therefore I Am; Gary Steiner’s Animals and the Limits of Postmodernism; Matthew Calarco’s Zoographies: the Question of the Animal from Heidegger to Derrida; Cary Wolfe’s Animal Rites: American Culture, the Discourse of Species, and Posthumanist Theory; Will Anderson’s This is Hope: Green Vegans and the New Human Ecology. With some others on the list, now joined by yours! All so interesting (and important books), in our selfish and short-sighted world. It’s become a bit of a preoccupation of mine lately (although I always had slightly more latent concern) – the terrible suffering we inflict on the billions of animals, throughout the world, treated as commodities for our use. Most of it totally unnecessary. My heart really bleeds for them.