UserpicCan Animals Be Moral?

Nice review of Can Animals Be Moral? can be found here.

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Hi Mark
I think that the animal aren\\\'t moral, I didn\\\'t read your book \\\"can animal be moral?\\\", this is my opinion: we, moral creature, assign the morality to the animals because we see in they the morality which we have got lost; but in the animals isn\\\'t morality but sensibility and istinct because they haven\\\'t awareness or consciousness.
I think that the moral is just to the human type because it has the reason which enables to select to be moral or not.
I have read the philosopher and the wolf, it like me, like me the meeting between human world and the selvatic world.
please you can recommend one of your books where you deal with philosophy? because like me read what do you write on it.
so long Maria.