Here and here are a couple of talks from last year's Festival.

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I've enjoyed reading and re-reading "The Philosopher and the Wolf." I'm firmly in middle age now and living a rather conventional life, but in my younger days, I studied philosophy. A professor of mine once lectured on how simple dogs are. She was dismissive of their capacity to reveal to us something we might -- in all our supposed rationality -- be missing. Sitting in that classroom, I thought maybe her dogs have been simple because she made them so and never allowed them to be otherwise. It seemed intellectually arrogant for her to make such sweeping generalizations. I think her assumption about dogs was her conjuring trick, but she couldn't see it. Funny thing about it is Wittgenstein was her specialty. Your books are refreshing and have reignited my interest in philosophy. When I graduated from university many years ago, I was exhausted by all of the talk of human agency and reason. I wanted to purge from my memory all of the made-up terms used to slice up human experience and put it in neat little boxes. I got a dog and a cat -- both wily, stubborn, and more wolf than ape. And the real learning began. They are long gone now, but I've since been fortunate enough to meet many more canine and feline characters. I can't say I'm any good at being a creature of the moment, but with their help, I'm more a creature of a moment than I'd otherwise be. Forgive my clumsy use of words. Thank you for your books.